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13th Mayors' Summit will be organized by the City of Banja Luka, on September, 2012.


These are the webpages of the Balkan Cities Network established by the 32 largest cities in 8 countries. This site is dynamic, It's getting updated as long as the cities - members provide certain material to the Executive Secretariat located in Thessaloniki.

The Presidency of the Balkan Cities' Network for 2010 is held by the Municipality of Tirana, where the 11th Mayors' Summit organized from September 23 - 25. 2010.
On November 25- 28, the Mayors of major cities of Balkan Countries will be meeting in Thessaloniki.
BALCINET, the Network of major Balkan Cities, was founded in Thessaloniki in December 2001 aiming...
The city of Thessaloniki is moving forward into the third millennium, bearing more than 23 centuries of Greek Macedonian history...
The EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT is located in Thessaloniki.








What are you expecting from the interbalkan intermunicipal cooperation?

Peace and friendship between balkan people.
Development of commercial relations.
Enhancement of the quality of citizens life.
Optimization of the structural and fuctional services and prospects.
Participation of the cities into the Balkan recostruction.

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