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BALCINET, the Network of major Balkan Cities, was founded in Thessaloniki in December 2001 aiming at the development of inter-Balkan inter-municipal co-operation. During its Founding Summit, the Network’s bodies were established as well.

The top event of the Balkan Cities’ Network is the Mayors’ Summit that is organized every year by the Presiding City. For the year 2006, the Presidency of the Balkan Cities’ Network is held by the Municipality of Ankara.

The Balkan Cities’ Network is an institution that has established relationships of friendship and co-operation among major cities of Balkan countries.

It was created in 2000, following an initiative by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. During our meetings in previous years, we shaped the Network’s bodies and structure, the top one being the Mayors’ Summit, which regularly convenes each year.

The first and second Mayors’ Summits convened in Thessaloniki in 2000 and 2001, respectively.

In 2002, the Mayors’ Summit was hosted in Sofia.

In August 2004, on the occasion of the Olympic Games being organized by Greece, Thessaloniki held an extraordinary – celebratory Mayors’ Summit, following a decision by the Network’s Executive Secretariat in December 2003.

In April 2005, Piraeus hosted the 5th Mayors’ Summit and on September 30, 2005, the Mayors Summit was organized by the Municipality of Craiova. The 7th Mayors' Summit was organized by the Municipality of Ankara, the 8th by the Municipality of Novisad and the 9th by the Municipality of Sarajevo. This year the Municipality of Thessaloniki will be host the 10th Summit of Mayors of major Balkan Cities.

The Summit’s topics will be:

1. Economic Recession: Consequences and threats. Proposals and perspectivew for the cities and the urban societies.

2. Digital Era: Digital municipal services for the citizen and the visitor.

3. Crime and Drugs: The daily life threats, the state responsibilities and the municipal antidotes.  










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